Grocery Shopping for the Lazy Bum

So let’s say you’ve decided you want to try the flexible diet approach and count your macros. You’re either worried it’s too difficult or you’ve already started and are struggling to make it work. I’m here to let you know that there might be an easier way: the way of the lazy bum. If you’ve read the post I just linked and want to know how it works in action, we’ll start with the first key battlefield: the kitchen. Continue reading Grocery Shopping for the Lazy Bum

Flexible Dieting for the Lazy Bum

Since my ‘10-Week Transformation‘ post, I’ve gotten quite a few questions offline that all boil down to the same thing: “How do you do it?” For some, it was a question of curiosity: they’d never followed a flexible dieting plan and they couldn’t imagine complicating food that much. A few had tried counting macros in the past and found they just couldn’t do it long-term. Thus, today’s post. Continue reading Flexible Dieting for the Lazy Bum

My Ten-Week “Transformation”

For the last ten weeks, I’ve been working towards my goal of an ‘elite’ 198# weight class total… by going the other way. Specifically, my goal was to lose 12 pounds within 12 weeks while maintaining or even gaining strength and lean mass, and it went pretty much exactly as I’d hoped. If you’re interested in doing similar or want to know what this whole ‘flexible dieting’/IIFYM’ thing is all about, read on! Continue reading My Ten-Week “Transformation”